ATS cabinet, MTS cabinet, Parallelling cabinet - synchronous

I. Automatic switching of power supply

indispensable for any backup power system, with different solutions such as using integrated equipment, using MCCB or ACB or contactors to control interlock. engine - electric ... To meet the diverse needs of customers, we offer the following product lines

  • Cummins CPG
  • Caterpillar
  • Assembly - STS Power
    - Meet IEC and TVC standards
    - Case 2a, 2b to 4a, 4b
    - ATS built-in or ACB / MCCB / Contactor cross-linked mechanical lock - power combination PLC control
    - Display accessories, indicator light
    - Working current: 100A - 5000A
    - 3P / 4P - 400V
    - IP54; IP44

II. Synchronous housings

are extremely important for systems of generators, which are designed to carry out the work of connecting independently operated generators to work in parallel. This is a high-tech solution that aims to improve power supply reliability and optimize fuel economy. The largest application of synchronous control cabinets is in case of main power failure, the backup generator will automatically start, self-synchronization and load sharing, in addition to the system also Automatic load monitoring and control functions to run the number of generators according to the needs of additional load. We are very experienced in this field and would like to introduce the synchronous synchronous control device and good compatibility.



Synchronous conditions generator:

  • On frequency: the machines must be equal to the frequency, or the frequency of the machine must equal the frequency of the grid.
  • About voltage: Machines must be the same voltage, or the machine voltage must be equal to the grid voltage.
  • Phase displacement: the machines must be in the same order of phase, and the phase angle must be the same. In addition to the direct units of Caterpillar and Cummins, also use the famous motion control sets such as:
    - CRE / Master Core
    - Deepsea
    - ComAp
    - Woodward
  • Synchronous cabinet specifications
    - Rated voltage 380/400 VAC, 3 phase
    - Rated current 25 ÷ 6300A
    - Cutting current 25 ÷ 100kA
    - Frequency 50Hz
    - Protection class IP54 / IP44
    - Standard IEC 60439-1, IEC 60529
    - Cabinet size Customizable
    - Surface Plating zinc, powder coating
    - Rolled steel, zinc coated, stainless steel, thickness 1.5 -2.0 mm